Since 1979 Broomtec has been engaged in the sale and production of industrial and technical brush systems, based on experience gained in the 1960s comprising the construction of road sweepers, refuse vehicles, and drain cleaning vehicles. In order to bring manufacturing under our own control we decided in 1985 to concentrate on the production of industrial and technical brush systems. These decades of experience have resulted in a revolution in the manufacture and quality control of brushes for street sweepers and weed control machines. Indeed the development of in-house automated production systems has led to a high-quality, high-output and competitive end product.
Broomtec is responsible for the introduction of the so-called pressure brush and was the first to introduce the polythene vulcanised brush tuft.
Continuous innovation is a fundamental principle for Broomtec, and every effort is made to be of service to end-users and decision makers. Broomtec responds to all requests immediately by developing constructive and well thought-out applications. By means of these considered responses to the current market we have grown into a manufacturer of the most divergent brush systems, which now consist of almost 300 different types. These are used throughout the Netherlands and in various other countries in Europe.

At the same time our most important rule applies, constant sweeping is an economical form of maintenance in the long run and leads to clean streets, clean cesspits and clean drains, in effect highly acceptable financial management of cleaning. Ultimately everything depends on the brushes, and with your cooperation we are quite prepared to carry out further development work on durable equipment.

We hope we have been of service to you and wish you all the best when reading about our brushes on the following pages.